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Welcome to Caxton Press, publishers of fine books since 1925.

“Books to us never can or will be primarily articles of merchandise to be produced as cheaply as possible and to be sold like slabs of bacon or packages of cereal over the counter:  If there is anything that is worthwhile in this mad jumble we call the twentieth century; it should be books.”

That comment was made many years ago by Caxton Press founder J.H. Gipson and in today’s even more jumbled 21st century we at Caxton Press still believe deeply in the sentiment expressed.  We remain committed to publishing fine books by fine authors who care about their craft. 

In both print and digital formats we will continue to provide the world with quality non-fiction (and the occasional novel) focused on the people, culture, geography, and history of the West.  That is what we do.  That is who we are.

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Scott Gipson


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